Christmastime a year ago, a sibling group of three was featured on CBS 19’s Children Are A Gift program. Catherine Harris saw the show and was smitten. You see, these children, in foster care at the time, were separated. It was heartbreaking to see that they not only didn’t have consistent parents, but they also didn’t have each other.

Catherine contacted the agency with her desire to become a single mom to the three kids. And then she went to work. Quitting her job and going back to school so she could support the children was tough, but it was what she knew was right.

A little over a year later, Catherine has a better paying job and is the mother to three wonderful children. Speaking with the news program, Catherine said:  “I thank God for bringing them into my life and making a way for me to be able to provide for them. I’m just ready to give them the gift that I had growing up. My mom and dad brought me up in a home where I never had to want for anything. So I just want to give them how I was brought up.”

The children are learning and loving and playing. They love being together and they love their mom. And Catherine loves them. She doesn’t ever call them her adopted kids, she calls them her kids.

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