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Joy Lundberg June 23, 2014
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LDS Church No Longer Offers Adoption Services, Increases Counseling Options

Times are changing. The number of babies available for adoption has decreased significantly. As a result, the LDS Church is shifting its attention from providing adoption services to more comprehensive counseling for couples seeking adoption and single parents who may or may not be placing a baby for adoption.

“The adoption program of LDS Family Services is changing,” said David McConkie, the organization’s group manager for services for children. “Our goal is to provide more opportunities for LDS families to adopt. Our goal also is to provide a broader array of services, more services, to single expectant parents, unwed parents, in the church primarily.”

Tad Welch, of the Deseret News, reports in a June 17 article: “McConkie said his organization expects the new model will enable more LDS families to adopt because it will broaden the options for prospective adoptive parents.”

To see a short news video on this new policy, click here.

These reports indicate that the LDS Church will be giving prospective adoptive parents suggestions of agencies that may help them find a baby. This may open more doors for those seeking adoption. Their goals seems to be clearly focused on helping even more couples than in the past. Also, their focus is on helping single parents find the spiritual guidance they need in making the best decision for their babies.

Catholic Charities Adoption Policies

Other churches are likewise offering help to those seeking to adopt a baby as well as give help and counseling to birth parents who may be interested in placing their baby for adoption.

From the Catholic Charities website: “At Catholic Charities, we truly care about expectant mothers, couples, and their families. The issues surrounding pregnancy and adoption can sometimes be confusing, but Catholic Charities are here to help, offering assistance in the extremely difficult process of deciding whether to parent or to make an adoption plan. A loving option, adoption may be the choice that is best for expectant parents and their children, now and in the future.

“If you are pregnant, looking to adopt, or just have questions about Catholic Charities pregnancy support and adoption services, contact your local Catholic Charities agency. Catholic Charities USA is the National Office for the Catholic Charities network and does not provide adoption services for individuals.”

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