The image of a motorcycle and an often burly rider has long been representative of the “born to be wild” life. However, bikers in two different states and on opposite sides of the country are coming together in the spirit of Christmas—in July.

While it may still be hot out, the Christmas In July Toy Run aims to bring warmth in the coming cold months to foster children in their respective counties. While the foster care system provides for basic needs, other expenses such as fees for athletic teams and other extracurricular activities are not covered by the state. The Christmas In July Toy Run aims to raise money for these and other needs children in foster care face.

Action News Now reported on the toy run that occurred this past weekend, July 21st, and noted the love that these riders have for foster children. This run in Chico, California was organized to benefit the children in the foster care system within Butte County.

While the group has been organizing the Butte County Toy Run at Christmas for 31 years, this July run was not about toys. The group understands that the needs of foster children span year round and do not always come from a store. The group accepted donations of $5 or more and gift cards to aid foster children year round.

A second run will occur this coming weekend, July 28th, this time in Ellsworth, Maine. As WABI5 reports, this event will be much more than a ride, it will include an auction, concert, food, and more. The focus of this event will be Christmas, admission to the event being a new, unwrapped toy that will be donated to Toys for Tots in Bangor, Maine as well as the Secret Santa Program in Hancock County.


This Christmas is sure to be bright for some of the neediest children in foster care thanks to the tender hearts of some of the toughest men and women on two wheels.