Meeting your biological family will probably be an awkward and seemingly overwhelming experience. There are usually many questions: what will you have in common? Will you look alike? Will you have similar mannerisms? For Mindy Hammond, she found the answers to these questions just recently.

Mindy is a columnist for S Magazine and often writes about her family life, which includes her husband and two daughters, as stated in this news article. But now, she may have a new topic to write about because of her reunion with her birth mother and biological sisters.

Mindy was placed for adoption back in the 60’s just after her birth. Her birth mother was a teenager, and teenage pregnancy was not accepted as compared to today. Mindy was adopted into a loving home but always had a longing to know about her biological family.

As an adult, after her adoptive mother died, Mindy sought out her biological mother.  She was able to retrieve her original birth certificate and wrote a letter to her birth mother using the address listed on the certificate.

The letter was sent, and while her birth mother didn’t live there anymore, the new owners forwarded the letter. Her birth mother, Pat, was completely shocked when she received it. In a recent news article, Pat states about that day, “completely out of the blue, I got a phone call from my old neighbor saying she had a letter for me. … When I read the letter, I was absolutely overjoyed. All my prayers had been answered that one day she would find me and get in touch.”

Mindy and Pat did get in touch with each other, and it was a very emotional reunion for both of them. They were amazed at their similarities, how much they looked alike, and their similar mannerisms.

Not only did Mindy meet her birth mother, she was able to start a relationship with her three half-sisters. Mindy stated that it was like they had never been apart and realized an automatic bond. Mindy says it is so great; she is blessed to have had two mothers and now has one that she calls “mum.” She is eager to host Christmas for her family.

Mindy and Pat are very thankful that they are able to have their close relationship after all of these years. Mindy stated, “it was like a light switch had been turned on. This was the connection I hadn’t had for all those years.” Mindy was able to find the answers to all of her questions after many years of waiting.

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