Congress Members Urge Release of 900 Stalled Adoptions

American families await permits allowing their children to come home.

Myra Payne August 10, 2014
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900 adoptions of Congolese children have been halted due to the suspension of Congolese exit permits. American families that are in the process of adopting these children are unable to obtain exit permits due to a suspension of permits in September of 2013 by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Necessary US passports and Visas have been issued for 148 children that have already been adopted, but without exit permits, these children an unable to leave the country. Ten children who were matched with American families have died while waiting for exit permits, and there are many other with serious medical issues that need urgent attention.

Several attempts have been made to meet with the director of general migration on the subject of these permits, but all meeting requests were declined. This letter, signed by Senators and Representatives, has been sent to draw attention to this serious problem and resolve this tragic situation. The letter from congress asks that President Obama address this issue with President Kabila before they attend the US-African Leaders Summit in August. It is hoped that this letter creates the necessary headway to allow these children to come home.

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Myra Payne

Myra Payne found out she was pregnant when she was 22 years old. After the shock wore off (in the parking lot of her doctor's office), adoption was her first thought, and she never looked back. She placed her son in an open adoption in 2006 with the perfect family for him. The way that adoption changed her life ignited a fire for advocacy. She's been privileged to share her story at countless conferences, presentations in schools, and advocacy projects. Myra is a pharmacy tech and lives with her husband in the Salt Lake City area. She loves penguins, convertibles, and naps.

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