World Adoption Day is a day that celebrates adoption and gives thanks and recognizes the impact of adoption. It is a day that extends gratitude and love to the children, adoptive parents, and birth parents. Terence Mentor wanted to give thanks to his son and show his gratitude  that he is  the “Forever Dad,” and he did it through powerful video on YouTube.

In a recent Washington Post article, Terence and his wife, who live in South Africa, described the role of his wife as a “temporary safety-care mom,“ which is  similar to a foster parent. Terence and his wife have provided love and support to many children, including their son they adopted. Terence wanted to give a special tribute to their son on World Adoption Day.

Terence speaks many true and powerful words in his video. He discusses how adoption includes both love and loss. Many people only see adoption as positive and joyous. But many forget to remember the background of the children and that they have all experienced some form of loss being adopted. Terence goes on to say that he can’t know or truly understand what his son has experienced, but he will always be there for him.

“Do not change that love.” Terence tells his son to never change his view or love of life. He wants his son to always strong and powerful, no matter what the world may tell him.

“I will be there.” His son hears Terence state that he is so proud to be his dad and will always be there for him. Those are powerful words for children to hear, especially children coming from a trauma and loss background. Many have not had that love or consistency and do not know what it truly means to be loved.

“You are the hero of the story.” Terence wants to show his son that he is powerful like a superhero. Terence wants him to know that he is strong enough to face any adversity that may come throughout his life.

This is a powerful, uplifting and loving video that speaks the truth of adoption.