Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s Restaurants started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, or DTFA for short, 22 years ago. Two years before, in 1992, he started his adoption campaign by advocating for foster care adoption. President George H. W. Bush recognized his efforts and asked him to start educating the public about adoption. This spurred a national public service campaign, where Dave Thomas began advocating for support in adoption tax credits, adoption legislation, public service announcements in the media, and asking other business owners to offer adoption benefits to their employees. In 2000, he was even able help the US Postal Service in creating an adoption stamp.

Dave Thomas passed away in 2002, but he left behind an incredible adoption legacy. His goal was to find a permanent, loving family for every child, and today, the Dave Thomas Foundation continues to advocate for foster care and adoption. Besides finding families for over 4,000, they also offer online resources for anyone seeking more information about adoption. They also offer many philanthropic programs in different states, such as kickball games, to act as fundraisers.

Partnership with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption creates the opportunity for other businesses to join  the cause of  finding children loving homes. If becoming a partner seems a little overwhelming, Wendy’s offers unlimited junior frosties for the price of a $1 key tag. That seems a small price to pay to join Dave Thomas’s adoption crusade and change the world for the 100,000 children in foster care.

Wendy’s has created this short video, which describes their efforts to help all children in foster care find a home.