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Candise Gilbert August 04, 2014
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Eric and Christy are the parents of two fantastic little boys, both of whom joined their family through adoption.  They have open adoptions and enjoy keeping in touch with the birth families of their sons.  They know that their sons were destined to be a part of their family, and consider it a great privilege to expand their extended family to include the birth families of their sons.

Adoption is a common topic in their home and both sons are aware of the love that their parents feel for their birth parents.  They have grown up hearing their individual adoption stories and understand that they were lovingly placed with Eric and Christy.

For Eric and Christy, adoption is evidence that miracles do indeed happen.  Their adoption journey began 12 years ago and, while it may not have always been an easy journey, they know that it was undoubtedly the right path for their family.  Christy and Eric said, “We treasure both of our open adoptions. Both boys are so very blessed to be loved by so many. We love these two boys more than words can express, we love their birth families, and we love adoption!!”

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Candise Gilbert

Candise is the mother of 2 darling girls and the wife of a fantastic husband. She became a mother through the miracle of adoption and parenting is her favorite job! She makes dinner every night, loves a good book, talks about adoption as often as she can, and tries to surround herself with fabulous people.

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