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America’s sweetheart couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been a beautiful picture of a blended adoptive and biological family. For years, we’ve watched as they’ve added to their brood and rejoiced with them as they’ve grown.

Rumors of Brangelina splitting up have been surfacing for a while now, and now those rumors are confirmed. But not before the couple focused really hard on making things work. The word is that they even looked into adopting a 7th child as a way to solidify their bond. At least, that’s what the reports say.

But this writer thinks more of the two famous individuals than that. With their altruism and propensity to do good throughout the world, both individually and as a couple, I cannot imagine them using a child or possibly subjecting a child to a family about to break up. What nonsense! Let’s give them more credit than that, people. Whether we’re fans of the actors or not, we can’t dismiss their goodness. No kind, loving, mature individual would choose to adopt a child simply to help themselves.

So here’s wishing you peace in your endeavors and a loving family, even if it ends up looking different than it does now, Brad and Angelina.