Dillon International was founded in 1972 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first licensed agency in the state, Dillon International focused on meeting the needs of Korean orphans. Since that time they’ve grown to include several countries including Korea, India, China, and Vietnam.

Dillon International is involved in establishing adoption standards within the countries themselves as well as coordinating international adoption efforts. While doing this, they have been able to establish long-lasting foster care programs within the countries.

While part of their focus is international adoption (the agency has placed over 6,000 orphans into loving homes in the United States), they have also been instrumental in placing hundreds of children with families in their home country.

This year, the organization will hold a Lunar New Year Celebration of Heritage. At the celebration they will acknowledge the accomplishments of many adoptees they have helped. There will be a parade of those wishing to participate in costumes native to their birth countries.

Those seeking information about Dillon International and the many programs they offer should go to their website.

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