Baby Coleman was born to drug-addicted parents. He was malnourished and needed surgery to correct a condition called pyloric stenosis, which causes projectile vomiting. He was flown to a children’s hospital at two months old. That’s when Child Protective Services got involved.

Coleman’s aunt, Kaysi Hamilton, and her family offered to take him. They had a week to prepare for the baby to be released from the hospital. Friends of the family and other members of the community rallied together to gather supplies the family needed.

At first, the family was a little overwhelmed by the thought of starting all over again with an infant from a drug-addicted family, but keeping the boy close with access to his extended family was paramount. Fifteen months later Coleman is happy, healthy, and thriving. The Hamiltons just finalized his adoption. Their daughter, Blaine took to social media to celebrate how far her now-brother had come. Her words inspired other families to share their stories of overcoming hardships through adoption. Blaine’s tweet has since gone viral.

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