Summer is a bright 17-year-old who is looking for a family to adopt her. She doesn’t have long to reach her goal, as she ages out of the foster care system in December. Summer is currently living in a group home in Oklahoma where she has been for the last two years. She was placed there when she entered state custody.

She goes to school, maintains her grades, and cooks for the other children in the home. Usually they don’t allow the kids to cook, but for her they make an exception. She enjoys cooking pasta and baking, but her real passion is for movies. Summer loves to watch films starring Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler, and Jenifer Aniston. She is interested in both acting and directing. “My major is going to be theater because I love movies. Movies are my thing,” she says.

Summer wants and deserves a family to call her own. She will be going off to college soon, and she desperately wants to have a family to come home to for an occasional home-cooked meal. She says, “I would like to have a mom and a dad because I need a mom and a dad figure, and yeah, I would want siblings. Of course I like littler kids. Adorable. They’re sticky, but adorable.” She wants to be independent. Summer desires a place of her own and her own car. She wants to pay her own bills, and she wants support from people who love her. Every child deserves that.

Summer only has 10 months to make her dream come true. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming her forever family, please call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398.

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