Covered by Good Morning America and other network shows recently was the remarkable Groves Family.  Melissa Groves and her husband, Scott, found out early in their marriage that conceiving children might be difficult for them.  But Melissa did already have one child–a daughter named Autumn.  When Autumn was six she asked Santa for a little brother.  That was Christmas of 2004.  Her wish was granted eight times over.

Melissa explains in a blog post that it was a visit with her aunt that got them thinking about fostering.  Her aunt and uncle had just gotten a baby girl in their care–a little girl they would soon be adopting.  So, with the seed planted, Melissa and Scott decided this may be the route for them.  In spring of 2004 the couple began foster parenting.  They were blessed right away with two boys–brothers, who soon became adoptable.  Shortly after finalization of their adoptions the Groves’ were contacted and told the birth mother had just delivered another baby boy who needed a home.   A similar scenario happened again and again until finally, this month, the youngest–little Zayn–had his adoption finalized.

With over 100,000 children awaiting adoption in America, Melissa shares her story in the hopes that it will inspire others to consider adopting through the foster system.