A Florida family has done all they can in securing the adoption of their 8-month old son, Cruz, according to a report on wtsp.com. He was found on the bank of the Congo River and referred to the Stewart family last February.  The adoption has been approved, but the government is rewriting family code and new laws are being put in to place which has caused a halt on issuing exit letters for adopted children.  Cruz is just one of over 350 orphans who have been legally adopted by American Families but have been unable to leave the DRC.

This is a time-sensitive adoption since Cruz is in need of immediate medical care.  He has heart and lung malformation and will need major surgery soon to save his life.  The family has applied for a medical visa for Cruz.  He has been medically approved, but the Stewarts still need the go-ahead from the Congo government for Cruz to be released for travel.

If they can’t get him home by Christmas, the Stewart family will pack their bags and move to Congo so their family can be together.

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