10-year-old Joseph Farmer knows about embryo adoption. Although he grew for nine months inside his mother, Vanessa, his life really began with two others. Now Facebook friends with his genetic family, Joseph is grateful for their gift to his parents. As recently reported on WLOS news in Greenville, South Carolina, Joel and Vanessa Farmer are thrilled that they heard about embryo adoption. 10 years ago when the Farmers began the pregnancy, total cost to adopt the embryo was $8,000, just a fraction of what it would have cost to undergo In-Vitro Fertilization. And with the cost of domestic adoption generally running in the tens of thousands, embryo adoption made sense.

With over 600,000 viable, available embryos, this option may be one to consider. The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center offers details for adopters and donors alike. There are embryo donation centers located throughout the United States. Many of them, like the National Embryo Donation Center located in Knoxville, Tennessee, are non-profit and provide services beyond donation and adoption.

The Farmers chose an open embryo adoption, but closed adoptions are also available.