A Florida couple’s adoption story has gone viral. Dashoan and Sophia Olds just taped a segment soon to be aired on the Today Show. They adopted 7 siblings in September and the tale is warming hearts all over the country. The adoption of Necia, 12, twins Erica and Eric, 10, Zavian, 9, Dava, 8, Keyon, 5, and Reggie, 4, has made their lives happy and full.

Deshoan is a math teacher and track coach at Rutherford High School. Of the recent media coverage he says, “I think we’re just ordinary people. It’s amazing that something we would do anyway would get their attention.”

Chipola College, Gulf Coast State College, and Florida State University Panama City have already provided the children with scholarships.

The Oldses have been married for 13 years and had a house too big for just the two of them. They were watching TV on Thanksgiving Day when they saw a news story about the siblings. The couple always knew they wanted to adopt one day. When Sophia saw the photo of the kids she knew she was suppose to be their mother. They both felt an immediate connection with them.

The children had been in foster care for two years. They were split between four houses. Sophia reached out to Blair Bell, the children’s representative and adoption specialist at the Life Management Center in Panama City. They had home visits and weekend visits with the kids. On June 2nd they were able to take the kids home. The adoption was finalized three months later. The Oldses describe their experience as relaxed and comfortable. They hope the widespread sharing of their story will motivate others to become involved with children in foster care.