We weren’t sure that we should post our entire family of dogs…people might think we’re crazy! To our “luck” a wonderful mother working at PetsMart found our profile and selected us as the adoptive parents for her beautiful little girl. We accepted without hesitation.  She was perfect.  How did we get so lucky!?

After weeks of skyping and trying to work through the adoption process, we were given the OK to pick her up on December 22.  Our meeting at Red Robin restaurant was something out of a fairy tale as she ran to us and jumped in our arms.  We couldn’t believe how wonderfully she fit right in.  She was welcomed everywhere.  People couldn’t believe that she wasn’t genetically ours.

Here’s one of the best parts:  Her name is Elizabeth Day….my great grandmother’s name is Elizabeth Day (chills).  We have an open adoption with Krystal, her birth mother, and we love her.  We regularly call and skype.  I have a blog that I post videos and pictures for her.  She has been wonderful to get to know and is a great part of the family as well.