Placed in the foster care system in Washington State at the age of four, a women known only by the initials “S.R.” has settled in a suit against the state. Removed from her home when her mother was found to be unfit to raise her because of her drug abuse and mental illness, the little girl’s life went from bad to worse.

She was first placed (by the Department of Social and Health Services) in a home with foster parents who regularly abused all of the children in their care. The man was later convicted of multiple sexual abuse crimes which resulted in the state settling claims by six people. S.R. was not one of them.

In her next home, S.R. and the other foster children were regularly beaten and forced to watch their foster parents have sex. After she was removed from that home the foster license was revoked, but the damage was already done.

S.R.’s final foster home ended up becoming her permanent home. After living for four years as a foster child in that home, the couple adopted S.R. Later, her foster/adoptive father and his son was convicted of the sexual abuse of S.R.

The repeated physical and sexual abuse in S.R.’s life has left its mark. And although no amount of money can change the past, there is at least some vindication with the settlement.

The full story may be read at The News Tribune.