“It’s something every kid wants…to go home to a father and mother. To have someone to spend time with and talk to.”

In this short video, children who were adopted from the foster care program share their views on ways parents can make the adoption process easier. They also talk about how foster adoption changed their lives, describing how happy they are to now have a family and a stable home environment to call their own.

One girl points out the importance of letting foster children do things on their own time table. She emphasizes letting the child come to you rather you forcing the child to talk.  She says her adoptive mother always made sure to let her daughter know that if she needed to talk, she was there to listen, but didn’t push her into talking.  Eventually they were able to build a relationship of trust and love.

A young man talks about how being adopted into a family has greatly improved his quality of life and ability to succeed in school.

The key message of this video, directed toward parents considering adoption or adopting from foster care, is simple: love me, be patient with me, wait for me . . . and good things will happen.