Skye Wilkes entered foster care as a scared young girl. Now she is 17 and thriving as a member of the Stark County Foster Care System. She has her own job and is succeeding in school. Her 18th birthday won’t be the last stop on her foster care journey. She’ll be allowed access to an 18 plus program and more government support after college.

“When I first got put into foster care I thought it was really scary. I was scared because I didn’t know any of the people, I was in someone else’s house. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know how these people act, you don’t know what they like to eat for dinner, you don’t know anything,” Skye recalls. She soon realized that her experience in foster care could be a positive one.

Skye says she plans to keep a spot at her current foster home to come back to during breaks from college. Human Services is working with her to give her the tools she needs for a successful future. “It provides so much for not only the kids that are coming into care, but our community and our family, too,” says Jolene Rod, Skye’s foster mother.

If you are interested in applying for adoption from foster care in North Dakota, you should contact the Department of Human Services. Applicants can be single, married, or divorced. You must complete a home study when applying. For more info, click here.