The world needs more people like 7-year-old Jordan West and her family. They are involved in a program called “Princess for a day,” in which Jordan hosts princess parties for girls who otherwise would not ever have a “princess experience.” Recently, she expanded the program by hosting the princess party at Disney world for 14 girls, many of them in foster care.

To cover the cost of this large undertaking, Jordan sought out private donations, as well as raising money through garage sales and lemonade stands. She also wrote a children’s book that she sells online to raise funds.

The day at Walt Disney World for the girls included spa experiences at a Disney Boutique, princess gowns, and meeting the Disney princesses.  Jordan’s mother, Olivia West, stated, “She’s (Jordan) really excited to interact with the girls. She writes affirmations for these girls that say, “You are beautiful, you are loved.’” Jordan hopes to continue to raise funds for future princess experiences for girls less fortunate and/or in foster care.

What a wonderful program and an inspirational family to provide girls with this memory.  At a time when most kids are only thinking of themselves and their own wants, Jordan is wanting to share her life with girls less fortunate.  I hope, that as a mother of a 4-year daughter, that I will inspire her with my actions and that she will be as loving and giving to others as Jordan.  I hope this program continues to be successful so more princess experiences can take place. Olivia stated it wonderfully:  “We wanted it to be the best day ever. Learning about foster care and how some of these kids have traumatic experiences and unpleasant memories, it’s nice to be able to place some great memories in their memory box.”

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