In July 2014, a 911 call was made by an eight-year-old boy stating he was chained to the bedroom wall. Authorities arrived at the home of Melvin and Kenya Bloomingburg, foster and adoptive parents. They found the boy chained up in his bedroom, soaked in urine.

Taken to the hospital, an exam of the boy showed signs of malnutrition, ulcers, and scarring. The boy told authorities that he had also recently been chained up in the yard for 3 days and deprived of food.

Some neighbors were questioned and stated they knew there were problems. Others said the Bloomingburgs were good parents and they were surprised at what was happening. All six children in the Bloomingburg home were removed.

Just this week the Bloomingburgs were indicted by a grand jury. Both Melvin and Kenya are free on bail. The full story may be read here.