Kaitlynn Campbell is 17 years old and a junior in high school. She is also in the foster care system. When Kaitlynn’s school counselor took notice of her at a school assembly when she heard her sing, the counselor shared the pageant application and Kaitlynn took action. And so did the community!

Kaitlynn’s school counselor invited the community to participate. Heading up “Team Hayden,” Counselor Standridge not only asked others to help out, she personally sacrificed to help Kaitlynn. She regularly drove Kaitlynn to a stage on which to practice, which led to a second community desiring to help as well. Helpers included a photographer offering free photographs, a fitness coach, and even someone to teach Kaitlynn the ins and outs of pageant competition.

One of those wonderful helpers offered hair coloring services, then ended up feeling a deep kinship for Kaitlynn. Finding out about Kaitlynn’s living situation, she immediately went home and talked with her husband about possibilities. That conversation led to the couple looking into licensing, which led to a new home for Kaitlynn.

Now, besides representing the state of Alabama at the Miss America Outstanding Teen pageant, Kaitlynn is looking forward to endless nights in her own bed, in her own new home.

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