Gladney University

In the realm of adoption and child welfare, knowledge is not just power; it’s the cornerstone of positive and healthy outcomes for the children we serve. Gladney University, an initiative by The Gladney Center for Adoption, stands as a beacon of education and support, equipping adoptive parents, medical professionals, counselors, and community members with the knowledge they need. Explore the diverse offerings of Gladney University, from supporting adoptive parents to providing cutting-edge continuing education for professionals.

Gladney University’s Mission

The purpose of Gladney University is clear—to provide adoptive parents with education and support throughout their adoption journey. This commitment ensures that Gladney delivers the finest adoption experience possible, aligning with their promise of “family for life.” Beyond adoptive parents, Gladney University extends its reach to medical professionals, counselors, social service advocates, and community members offering web-based and in-person educational adoption and child welfare resources.

Key Features

  • Adoptive Parent Support: Education and support before, during, and after adoption.
  • Professional Development: Cutting-edge continuing education programs for medical professionals, counselors, and social service advocates.
  • Podcasts: Two engaging podcasts, reFRAMED and Gladney University Podcast, cater to anyone with a love for children and a desire to meet their needs.
  • Gladney University Presenters: Gladney distinguishes itself by bringing in diverse and accomplished presenters who are doers, makers, creators, and child welfare advocates. 

The selection criteria include an evidence-based foundation, clear objectives, opportunities for audience participation, and visual elements. If you have expertise in the field and a passion for positive change, you can apply to be a Gladney University Presenter contributing to the platform’s mission of building healthy and strong communities for the sake of our children.

Adoption Resource Materials

Gladney goes a step further by providing adoption resource materials and equipping individuals with tools and resources to engage in conversations with women facing unplanned pregnancies or experiencing a parenting crisis.

Testimonials of Gladney University

Gladney University’s success is evident in the testimonials from participants who have benefited from its training programs. The combination of Gladney’s 135-year history, highly qualified staff, and compassionate approach creates dynamic and successful training experiences.

Gladney University is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change and evolution in adoption and child welfare. Whether you’re an adoptive parent seeking support or a professional aiming to stay at the forefront of knowledge, Gladney offers a wealth of resources and opportunities for growth.

Are you passionate about creating change and have expertise to share? Consider applying to be a Gladney University Presenter and contribute to building healthier communities for our children. Visit Gladney University for more information.

Gladney University stands as a testament to Gladney’s commitment to education and support, fostering a community dedicated to the well-being of children, one informed and empowered individual at a time.