Jenna Ushkowitz, star of the TV show Glee, was not only the executive producer of the film Twinsters (the true story of Korean twins separated at birth, adopted to different families, who found each other via social media), but has recently begun sharing some of her personal feelings and experiences regarding her own adoption.

Raised in New York by loving adoptive parents, Jenna is only now beginning to feel a desire to explore her roots. At age 29, Jenna is not quite ready for a reunion with her birth family, but she is exploring the idea. She wrote about this and other feelings on her adoption in the new book by Melanie Lee, How Do You Get to the Garden Galaxy?

Jenna told The Straits Times, “I decided to share my story because it is so positive and I feel that a lot of adoption stories can be negative, with the adoptees feeling that something was missing.”