Becoming a mom goes beyond biology. It’s an emotional, life-changing experience that goes deeper than DNA. As a mom through adoption, my experience looks like a (well-used) tapestry woven with threads of love, resilience, and gratitude.

The decision to become an adoptive mom wasn’t just about fulfilling a desire for a child or to raise a child. It was about embracing the concept of family, redefining the boundaries of love, and opening my heart to an extraordinary path—one that led me to the most incredible gift life could offer (twice).

The first whisper of momhood through adoption planted itself in my heart long before it became a reality. My decision to adopt was a conscious choice born out of a myriad of reasons. But at its core was the understanding that love knows no boundaries—biological or otherwise. Honestly, early on, I don’t think I probably processed it that way, but with time comes clarity.

I’m not entirely sure what planted the seed for me. An avid reader, I’m sure I came across the storyline of the human struggle whether in stories or articles. It’s a common one—the importance of family and the hardship that happens when a person doesn’t have a safe haven. For me, the idea that there were millions of children living on the planet without families or homes felt big. It felt wrong. If I was able to be a family for someone who needed one, why wouldn’t I? You don’t have to be too creative to imagine what it must feel like to be on the other side of adoption.

One of the most beautiful parts of adoption is its ability to defy conventional norms to create a connection and a bond woven carefully with dedication and commitment. It’s not always easy. It can feel big and scary. But as with most of the adoptive parents I’ve come to know, it’s a shared quiet understanding that we were made for this role. We accept the fact we may not be “the norm,” but our intentions are good and our hopes for our children are everything.

Welcoming children into my life through adoption has been an opportunity to witness the sheer power of choice in defining the essence of what family is.

The process of adoption, while rewarding, is not without its challenges. The paperwork, uncertainty, and waiting periods were all part of the trek. But these obstacles were just steppingstones and prepping stones leading me to the most incredible chapter of my life.

Meeting my children for the first time—these are the moments etched into the depths of my soul. They weren’t just meetings; they were a collision of hearts and the beginning of a bond I could only imagine. Holding them close and looking into their eyes for the first time, I understood the true meaning of motherhood—the unconditional love that knows no bounds.

Adoption stopped being about paperwork and uncertainty and became about them. Became about how I could best support them and their challenges and needs.

Every milestone since—every smile or giggle and every step taken together has been a celebration of love and resilience. Being an adoptive mom has taught me the beauty of patience, the importance of empathy, and the strength of the human spirit.

One of the biggest takeaways has been understanding family is about the tiniest threads of love that intertwines our lives. Our family might not share the same genetic makeup, but the love we share is as deep as any biological connection. We might not look like other families, but we share a history of our own making.

As an adoptive mom, I’ve had the privilege of watching firsthand the beauty of diversity within my family. I don’t see our differences as barriers but rather unique traits that enrich all our lives. It’s a constant reminder that love speaks a universal language understood by the heart.

The journey of being an adoptive mom is not without its share of complications. There are moments of curiosity and questions that come up, moments that prompt discussions about identity and heritage. Yet, these conversations are opportunities to celebrate the richness of our diverse backgrounds and the beauty of our story. I’ve never felt threatened or unsure, but empowered to be a trusted person to make sure my child knows where they are from and how special they are. From this, we’re creating a bond that resulted from a deep loss on my children’s part. A loss I try to fill as their adoptive mom.

It’s not always easy. As with any parent-child relationship, there are ups and downs. Adoption can amplify some of these. There have been words spoken and challenges faced. But never for a moment I’ve regretted being a mom. Parenthood can be draining, but I understand it’s part of being a mom. And as an adoptive mom, my parenting role comes with some additional duties and the need for more patience and understanding.

I’m certainly not a perfect mom. Every day brings new lessons and blessings, too. The joy of witnessing my children grow, learn, and navigate the world fills my heart with an indescribable warmth. Being an adoptive mom has allowed me to appreciate the small moments, finding beauty in the ordinary and gratitude in the extraordinary.

My gratitude as an adoptive mom extends beyond words. It encompasses the depth of emotions felt every time I look into my child’s eyes. It’s an overwhelming sense of fulfillment in being chosen to be on this remarkable journey. It’s the sheer appreciation for the profound impact adoption has had on my life.

Being an adoptive mom is not just about giving a child a home; it’s about receiving the most precious gift—the gift of becoming a mom, of shaping a life, and of experiencing a love without boundaries. It’s about embracing the beautiful complexities of adoption and celebrating the uniqueness it brings to our lives.

And on the other side of this joy, I recognize and understand the loss that brought us together. My children’s biological family. The parts of them I am unable to help them to fully understand or know. The separation from their biological family whom I never met but feel deep within my soul when I hear my children speak, laugh, cry, or even lash out in anger. They are pieces of a bigger picture that for now is a mystery. But I do my best to honor the woman who gave them life. Perhaps one day that void will be filled and unanswered questions answered. For now, I take the job of being “enough” seriously. I hope they realize that and know I’m dedicated to supporting and nurturing every aspect of who they are.

My commitment to honoring their origins is unwavering, even if it means constantly learning, asking questions, and seeking ways to fill the gaps. I strive to create a space where their identity is celebrated and where they feel safe to explore and embrace their roots, wherever they may lead. It’s a journey we’re on together, and I’ll stand by them, helping them understand they are loved and valued as they are.

In the tapestry of motherhood, being an adoptive mom has woven all of this into the very fabric of my being. It’s a journey that has taught me the true essence of family, the power of choice, and the immeasurable depth of a mother’s love—of my capacity to love.

As an adoptive mom, I stand in awe of the extraordinary path that led me to this moment—a moment filled with gratitude for the privilege of being chosen to walk this remarkable journey of love, growth, and joy.