Jorge and Carmen Barahona are the adoptive parents of four children –- two of them, twins Victor and Nubia, were abused. Taken in first as foster children, Victor recounts that he and his sister were never loved, never wanted. Although the other two adopted children were treated well, with regular meals and normal family life, Victor and Nubia ate only bread and milk once a week. They were tortured regularly in horrible ways and their scarred bodies confirm the allegation.

In 2011 Victor was found, barely alive, near his sister whose partially decomposed body was wrapped in plastic in the back of their father’s truck. Both had been doused with a toxic chemical.

Both of the Barahona parents have pleaded not guilty to murder charges, but the state expects to prove otherwise and is seeking the death penalty. The couple will be in court the first week of February. Jorge Barahona is also charged with the attempted murder of Victor.