Jocie was just 15 when she gave birth to a darling little boy. She never questioned her desire to parent him. And she was a great mother. Jocie gave up her teenage years to get up with Levi during the night; she fed him and clothed him and loved him with her whole heart. 

And then something happened… Jocie was exposed to a wonderful woman desperately trying to start her family, but she couldn’t. Jocie couldn’t shake the thought: I don’t have the resources to parent, but she does. Time went by and this thought stayed in the back of Jocie’s mind. One night, when she looked at her little boy, the clear thought came to her: He’s not yours anymore.

And so the journey began to find who Levi really did belong to.

This is the story of a young girl who sacrificed everything to parent; and then sacrificed more to place. It is a story of true love.