Let’s Be Real about Adoption. 5 Things You Should Know

Adoption is difficult, but it is so worth it.

Jessica Heesch August 22, 2018

Lets Be Real about Adoption 5 Things You Should Know

Adoption is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced in my life. It made me a mother right when I thought it never would become a mom. I not only gained a son from it, but I also gained a whole family from it.  But it also broke me down in many ways. It is not meant for the weak at heart, and it certainly isn’t “an easy way out.” Let’s explore some of the really hard truths of going through the adoption process that aren’t always easy to talk about.


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Jessica Heesch

Jessica lives in the Midwest with her husband and almost 4-year-old adopted son. She provides one-on-one assistance to her clients of a family law attorney, helping them get through the tough situations they find themselves in. She also manages the day-to-day activities and long-term planning. When she is not at the law office you will find her blogging at www.threeismyhappyplace.com. She finds passion in sharing their story of the gift of adoption. When she is not providing inspiration to others through her story, you will find her running the roads of Wisconsin, spending time with her family, exploring the United States, or reading her favorite book.

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