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A Letter to Our Daughter’s Birth Mom

Dear Breanna

Jessie Lundell July 30, 2014

In our house, we love birth parents and all things adoption!  In our house, we share our family’s adoption journey and Amelia’s adoption story.  In our house, we talk about how Amelia grew Breanna’s belly and Breanna placed her with us. In our house, we love and celebrate birth parents!

We have an open adoption with Amelia’s birthmom.  We love the relationship that we have developed with our daughter’s birth mom and love having her in our home.  We especially love that Breanna’s family has accepted us into their family.










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Jessie Lundell

Jessie loves CrossFit, competitive waterskiing, cooking, and eating dinner as a family every night. She is the mother, through adoption, of one very active 2-year-old and a new baby boy! Jessie and her husband are the chairs over a local adoption group, United for Adoption, and enjoy advocating for open adoption and educating the community about adoption.

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