What is it about fall that makes us wax sentimental? Is it the subtle shift in the air, the slight crisping of ground beneath our feet, or the bright chill (sometimes!) in the morning? Maybe it’s the return to school and all my own memories of being a school kid. Whatever the cause, it seems like I am looking back a LOT these days.

In October of 2010, we were enjoying our first autumn with our Littles. So young, everything was a sparkling new adventure. We were planning for Halloween costumes, teaching them to say something that sounded enough like “trick or treat” to make the candy fall into their little buckets, and praying that everything would work out as planned for our Adoption Day adoption in November.

Of course it did work out, and now the Triple Threat are here to stay. Last year about this time we decided that henceforth, every National Adoption Day (this year on November 17) would be the day we celebrated all 5 kids’ adoptions. It is a lot to celebrate!

With The Captain and Tinker in school, I considered how we could introduce the topic to their classmates. I have noticed the curious looks when the all-caucasian grown-ups in our family show up with any number of our rainbow children. I am sure, too, their little classmates wonder why our kids’ parents look more like grandparents than their mommies and daddies. Anyway, since it looks like these little ones will be “regular” schooled rather than home schooled, it seems like a good idea to come up with a plan for regular classroom communication on the topic of adoption.

I contacted both teachers to ask if I could come by that week to read a story, share some pictures, and talk about adoption. The request was enthusiastically met by both teachers. I haven’t yet chosen which story to read. At home we will have a big feast, hopefully with some grandparents and godparents in attendance, and share stories of each child’s adoption day. We may plan a special activity for that day, too, like bowling or a train ride to commemorate the occasion. I’ll involve the big girls in planning so we appropriately acknowledge the day. We have a tradition of eating ribs on Adoption Day, so I’m sure ribs will be on the menu.

How do you commemorate your adoption days? Please share!