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Placing a Child for Adoption in California 

If you are an expectant mother considering placing your baby for adoption, there are options for you to explore in Los Angeles, California: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. In an open adoption, the expectant mother and the prospective adoptive parents share in the adoption plan and remain in contact after the baby is born and usually throughout their life. A semi-open adoption is when the two parties have an agreement on how much involvement there will be. With a closed adoption, there is little to no contact between the adoptive parents and the birth mother during the adoption process and following the finalization.   

Adoption can be done through an agency or privately with an attorney. The Gladney Center for Adoption offers its services throughout the United States with offices located across the country. Counseling, assisting with placement, and continuing education are among the services they offer.

Adopting in Los Angeles, California

California law requires an adoptive family to have a current home study. Local agencies can assist in the completion of the home study. A home study consists of a thorough inspection of your home, background checks for family members, and an assessment of living conditions for the prospective adoptive child. If going with an agency and have chosen open or semi-open adoption, it may also be necessary to complete an adoption profile. In a profile, it is important to include family interests and values pertaining to the environment of the adoptive family. California law also requires a post-placement visit prior to the finalization of the adoption process. This will happen before the final court hearing.


California laws regulate the adoption, or birth mother, expenses that can be claimed and/or paid by the adoptive parents. Receipts are required for all adoption fees which can include medical charges, living expenses of the expectant mother prior to delivery, legal fees, and counseling services. It is against the law for prospective adoptive parents to advertise privately when looking for a child to adopt.

International adoption is another option in Los Angeles, California, but a formalization of the adoption must be completed again in the State courts. Except in the case of direct family members adopting, California state law requires that you are at least 10 years older than the child you intend to adopt. Same-sex and domestic partner adoptions are legally binding. 

Whether you are an expectant mother or looking to adopt a child in the state of California, it is important to know your options to make an informative decision. Consult local websites to ensure that you are aware of all current adoption laws and requirements. Be sure to consult with family members and medical care providers to offer any support you may need throughout the adoption process.