Despite Madonna’s previous recent statements, that she was only in Malawi to check on her charitable work and NOT adopting, a Malawi judiciary spokesperson, Mlenga Mvula, has confirmed that Madonna has filed paperwork to adopt Esther and Stella, 4-year-old twin girls. Mvula shared this news along with the matter-of-fact statement that lying to the public is not only wrong, but a waste of time. “We have the file, we have everything, we have all the documentation and the matter will be determined by the judge soon. If the court grants her an adoption order, she will have the twins this time around.”

The information being shared also includes statements regarding the process being followed strictly – regardless of Madonna’s fame. “We will look at her financial situation and her social situation. There will be a lot of factors that are taken into consideration. Just because she is famous it does not mean procedures will be overlooked.”

When Esther and Stella were born, their mother died. But they were well taken care of by a woman who was thought to be their biological mother, Estelina Kalumpha. Sadly, Estelina passed away last August which left the girls orphaned once again.

With papers now filed, the court is expected to take one to two weeks to render their decision. It is quite likely Madonna will be flying home with two more children to call her own.