A 17-year-old foster girl, living in a group home in Florida, left her residence with a roommate. While out walking they met a man who lured the one girl into his home where she was reportedly raped by four men. Since the incident, police have been trying to identify the men in the home who raped her.

After the report of the incident, all four foster children in the group home were removed while the police, DCF, and Kids Central investigated.

The man identified as a “person of interest” has not been charged and so his name has not been released. He was found this weekend and was interviewed by the Florida police. He has voluntarily provided DNA samples that will be sent to the Law Enforcement Lab for testing.

Police are asking that anyone with information that could lead to the identification of the four men who raped the girl to contact their department at 352-728-9862.

The full story may be read here.