brought together a handful of adoptive parents/adoption advocates to ask questions about the adoption process. Together, they share the experiences that have touched their hearts, grown their family, and helped to make them who they are. In the “Adoptive Parent Voices” series, which we will be publishing over the next several weeks, these four insightful individuals will answer your adoption questions.


When Jessie and her husband made the choice to adopt, they were surprised by both the ignorance and insensitivity of friends and family. Knowing that no one really means any harm, Jessie would like to educate those who haven’t experienced adoption about identifying proper topics of conversation, avoiding sensitive topics, and using positive adoption language.


Cydnee and her husband began their adoption journey after they were told it would not be safe for her to have any more biological children. As with most hopeful adoptive parents, they were blindsided by the complexity and emotional roller coaster of adoption. But also like many others, Cydnee would not change the experiences she’s had!


Amanda is a strong advocate of open adoption. Now a family of five, Amanda and her husband have experienced highs and lows as they’ve hoped for, prayed for, and worked for their three adoptions to take place. Amanda can’t imagine life without the birth families who have become family to her. She says, “They’ve adopted us as much as we’ve adopted their children.”


Josh is both a social worker and an adoptive father. As a social worker he is able to see adoption from the perspective of birth families and expectant parents. He understands the struggles of adoptions from all sides and is a cheerleader for anyone involved in adoption.