Walt Disney World is a place of wonder and excitement. For Janielle and Elijah it will always be the where dreams come true-literally. Almost three years ago, foster parents Courtney and Tom Gilmour took the two into their home. They grew together as a family and the Gilmours decided to adopt them. The couple planned to have the adoption reveal during an upcoming trip to the Star Wars Convention.

They had scheduled their free day for the kids’ first trip to Magic Kingdom. They booked a fast pass to see Mickey Mouse thinking they could just slip him the sign announcing the kids’ adoption day beforehand.

When the family got to the All Star Movie Resort, the kids played as Courtney tweeted a photo of their celebration buttons. At that point, the amazing people at WDW Twitter took over. They set the kids up with a special meet and greet with Mickey. The rest is magical history. The family’s video had since gone viral, eliciting tears of joy all over the world. An adoption party is in the works for this Saturday.