7 Mistakes Even the Best Parents Can Make in Adoption

We all try to be our best for our children. Here are some tips to help.

Tom Andriola May 16, 2015


Parenting is difficult, regardless of whether it’s in a biological family or an adoptive family. But for adoptive parents, there are often sensitivities that can make it a little bit more complicated.

Personally, I think I have had the good fortune of having parents who loved and cared for me in a way that helped instill strong values within me and led to the successful adult I consider myself to be now. Still, there are things I wish my parents had known—things I wish all adoptive parents knew—that might have resulted in fewer hardships and difficulties for me as a child.

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Tom Andriola

Tom Andriola advocates for adoptee rights and shares his personal experiences about being adopted and his successful, independent search for both biological parents. To see more of his writing, visit Tom's Facebook page.

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