“On behalf of Beyonce, who said ‘If you like it, you’d better put a ring on it,’ will you be my forever daughter?”

The bond between this mother-and-daughter pair is a beautiful one.

It all began when Karin welcomed Chloe and her older sister, Julie, into her home. The placement was meant to be temporary, but Karin said, “It was God-driven from the beginning. These amazingly resilient girls needed to be kept together and to be safe . . . and there was no way I could let them go.”

Though Julie aged out of the foster care system shortly after the placement, Karin worked with their biological mom to see if she could get back into a position to mother her daughters. It didn’t work out, so Karin decided to move forward with adoption.

Chloe told Fox News, “I’ve always known that she was probably going to be the person who loved me and wouldn’t hurt me and stayed with me. And I was right. And she’s always been there for me.”

Karin’s proposal in front of Chloe’s drama class took place three years ago, and their bond is just as strong as ever. “Whenever I think about her, or someone mentions her name, or even another Karin, I smile,” said Chloe. “She makes me smile. She makes me feel good about myself.”

Chloe also loves sharing her story. “I know I’m making a difference in people’s lives!” she said. Her hope is that every child in foster care finds their own Karin and that their story inspires other people–especially single moms!–to consider adoption.