Seems like with everything else these days, to get ahead you have to network. Adoption is no different. With the heavy use of social media, Facebook and Twitter have become places to reach out and create adoption connections.

Allison and Kenneth, a hopeful adoptive couple, are utilizing the internet to fulfill a call they have for adoption. Their adoption agency told the couple to do everything they could to expand their exposure – and creating an online profile and social media presence is a great way to do that. With every “like” and “share,” their profile reaches new people, opening up more potential adoption matches.

There are a few things to be wary of when taking your adoption search online, however. First, people who don’t know you can be insensitive and unkind. So when choosing to go online in seeking to adopt, it’s important for hopeful parents to commit upfront to stay focused and be positive.

Additionally, online connections can carry an increased risk of being scammed. Melyssa Frederick of Lutheran Family and Children’s Services says the best way to counter this is by building trust and increases the exchange of information over time. She recommends, “Start off with a little bit of information and just like any relationship, you develop more openness about what you are willing to share.” For example, Allison says she doesn’t share details about where they live, and the telephone number listed on their profile is linked to a disposable phone they acquired just for taking adoption calls.

Frederick says sometimes even those close to you have trouble processing your situation. Sometimes relatives can show reluctance to your meeting or initiating a relationship with an expectant mother. You have to make the decision to do what’s right for you.

When setting up an online adoption profile, you should like and follow as many people as possible. Post a video about your desire to adopt. You can add photos and additional information you would like to share. Be sure to ask your friends and family to like your profile and share it with others. Always make sure to check your messages regularly. Often you will not be notified if you receive a message from someone you are not already connected with. It may take some time to find the right match, but it will be worth it.