My Favorite Adoption Memoirs

Words are our most powerful tool.

Natalie Brenner April 08, 2017

Words are our most powerful tool. We can find healing, hope, joy, and solidarity in the pages of books. We can read other people’s stories, connect on multiple levels, and be comforted that we are not alone.

Memoirs are my favorite genre. Below you will find a list of recommendable adoption memoirs, either recommended by myself or by others in the adoption circle.

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Natalie Brenner

Natalie Brenner is wife to Loren and mom to two under two, living in Portland, Oregon. She is the best-selling author of This Undeserved Life. She likes her wine red, ice cream served by the pint, and conversations vulnerable. Natalie believes in the impossible and hopes to create safe spaces for every fractured soul. She's addicted to honesty and believes grief is the avenue to wholeness. Natalie is a bookworm, a speaker, and a lover of fall. Connect with her at and join her email community.

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