My Favorite Adoption Memoirs

Words are our most powerful tool.

Natalie Brenner April 08, 2017

Words are our most powerful tool. We can find healing, hope, joy, and solidarity in the pages of books. We can read other people’s stories, connect on multiple levels, and be comforted that we are not alone.

Memoirs are my favorite genre. Below you will find a list of recommendable adoption memoirs, either recommended by myself or by others in the adoption circle.

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Natalie Brenner

Natalie is a freelance writer and professional photographer who is up for just about any crazy adventure. She guzzles iced coffee while changing diapers and singing songs in silly voices to her two sweet boys who are almost 5 months apart and both under 1. When not wearing babies or reading books, her husband works with at-risk children. Their boys joined their family via adoption and birth and they hope to continue to expand their family via adoption and foster care. Connect further with her through Natalie Brenner Writes, Instagram, and Facebook.

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