Kansas Foster Care system is following Nebraska, West Virginia, and Kentucky in using MyLink, a therapy site for foster children. A grant provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development is providing every foster family with an iPad set up for therapy chat sessions through the online program, MyLink.

There are huge benefits to children who normally would have to travel, sometimes long distances, to get much needed counseling. Although these sessions won’t take the place of regular counseling and therapy, they will act as “boosters” throughout the week on an as-needed basis. Foster parents concerned about the children can log in to MyLink for emergency advice as well.

Therapists are finding that some children open up better when they can sit in a quiet room in their home to talk with a counselor, rather than making the drive and sitting in a cold office. Kids are excited about using an iPad and many enjoy seeing their own faces in the corner of the screen while chatting with a therapist.

There has already been success in the three states currently using the system. Some anecdotal experiences are shared at GovTech.com.

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