It is a day full of celebration and love. A day when thousands of children find their forever families. It will be an emotional day, filled with smiles, laughter, and happy tears.

Ceremonies are held all over the United States on National Adoption Day to advocate for adoption, educate about foster care, and finalize adoptions for thousands of children.

In Amarillo, Texas, 8 children were adopted on National Adoption Day. The courthouse made it a celebration = with music and balloons.

There are many stories that lead someone to advocate and pursue adoption or foster care. For the Johnson family, it was 5 years in the making to adopt their 13-year-old son. Another family, the Graves family, adopted two children who were biologically related to the children they had previously adopted. Another adoptive mother stated, “You have to go in with the mentality that this is about the children and all the love and attention and everything else they need.”

In New Jersey, another adoption ceremony celebration occurred for 6 families and 9 children. Moira Quinn told reporters that she pursued adopting her younger brother, Ireland, when their parents became unable to care for him. She attended college, found steady employment, and rented an apartment for both of them to live in. Moira said, “Everything that happened with Ireland really pushed me to do better.”

In Omaha, 41 more children were adopted on National Adoption Day. This included the Barnes family. Savannah, a 1-year-old, was adopted by Valerie Barnes, who could possibly be her paternal grandmother. “As soon as I held her, I knew she was meant to be with me,” Valerie told the Omaha news.

November and National Adoption Day is a wonderful time to advocate and educate communities and societies about the joy of foster care and adoption.