It being National Adoption Month, the state of Nebraska is working toward finding permanent homes for their 322 children currently in foster care. Already this year, there have been 326 children adopted in Nebraska. Of the 322 children still available for adoption, 73 are listed on the state website, which includes photos and descriptions of the children.

In preparing for National Adoption Day, Nebraska is planned that the adoptions of 122 foster children will be finalized, bringing children and families together. For those hesitant to become foster parents because of the fear of loving a child who will later leave, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman said, “I worried about the same things, but to be honest, it’s the kids that really need the help. We need to think about their needs more than about our own feelings.”

Nebraska Radio Network reports that lawmakers are being encouraged to provide more assistance for families who wish to adopt. They reported that one Nebraska family, the Walters, have adopted  three children after having been their foster parents. This month on National Adoption Day, they will adopt their fourth child.

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