I had just turned 18 and already had a handsome 2 year old son when I found out I was pregnant again. For 5 months I thought I was going to keep the baby until it hit me that I couldn’t raise another child right now. I started researching adoption and read these kind of success stories. I wanted to be as educated as I could be on my choices. I found Adoption.com Parent Profiles and a couple that I knew were perfect for this baby. It took me a month before I got the nerve to contact them, but when I did they already had three other birth mothers who were considering them.


Most people may have given up, but I KNEW without a doubt that they were the ones and they chose me. It’s funny how things work out. I became extremely close with them. They are like family to me and I can talk to them about anything. When I used to talk to birth mothers I never could understand it when they said they loved the adoptive parents they chose. It just seemed weird to me. But I know what they mean now because that’s the way I feel about them. They came down to visit with me and my case worker when I was 7 months pregnant and we spent a whole weekend together just hanging out and getting to know each other better. I had another beautiful baby boy. I had a hard time those four days I was in the hospital. I spent every minute I could with him. The day I signed the adoption papers was the most difficult day of my life, but I never once regret the decision I made. He is with his parents who can give him the world. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I wanted what was best for him because I love him so much and I know that adoption was the right choice.