After two of the yet-to-be-named Ohio couple’s adopted children picked a lock on their bedroom door, escaped, and drove off in the family car, they crashed. The crash led to the girls being taken to the police station and charged in the accident. Afraid to notify their adoptive parents, it wasn’t until after they were charged that they told the police about their 11 years of abuse.

Eleven years ago, the couple adopted four kids. Two boys, two girls. One was an older, mentally challenged boy who is now a man. He and the two girls have been kept locked in their bedrooms for most of the past two years. They were let out of the rooms for just two hours each day. They were beaten, given little to eat, and have been sexually abused by the man.

In addition to the kidnapping, felonious assault, and child endangering charges, the man was also indicted on sexual battery and gross sexual imposition charges.

The parents are in jail, pending their appearance in court.