Our Open Adoption Story

Mason's birth story.

Jessie Lundell December 13, 2014

Months of building a relationship with expectant parents, Makena and Parker, and their families have lead us to this point: the birth of our son, Mason Scott.  This is our open adoption story. While this adoption story is deeply personal, we hope to share this adoption story to bring hope to others still in the trenches of the adoption process. Every parent deserves a happy ending to their adoption story. While the child’s needs come first in every situation, we hope to shed positive light on open adoption through our open adoption story.



We make a quick stop for caffeine and I Instagram, "3 AM Road Trip."


5:04 AM: The sunrise is beautiful! I receive a text from Makena's mom, Susan. "She is at an 8." We are still almost two hours away. I am praying we make it to the hospital in time for his birth. We have been invited into the labor and delivery room. This is a first for us, and I don't want to miss it.

"Everything will be fine" has become my mantra for this adoption.


6:50am We sprint to the hospital doors and as we enter, instantly everything becomes real, and very sacred. We are welcomed by the expectant fathers dad, Steve. He is the best!


6:55am: We are greeted by an amazing hospital staff. They know us by name and that we are the adoptive parents. These nurses are good. As I watch Makena labor, I can't help but feel an added dose of guilt. She is in agonizing pain, and I will become a mom for the second time. It doesn't seem right.


7:42 AM: He is here! Our Mason, the name the three of us chose together. I cut the umbilical cord, and they place him on Makena's chest. I am trying to hold back my tears. Tears of joy. Tears of nervous energy that have built over the past few months. But mostly tears of pure love for this amazing woman.

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Jessie Lundell

Jessie loves CrossFit, competitive waterskiing, cooking, and eating dinner as a family every night. She is the mother, through adoption, of one very active 2-year-old and a new baby boy! Jessie and her husband are the chairs over a local adoption group, United for Adoption, and enjoy advocating for open adoption and educating the community about adoption.

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