New Hampshire is one of just 18 states in the United States who have open records laws for adoptees. It’s been 10 years since New Hampshire’s law went into effect and since that time roughly 1,700 adoptees have requested and received their original birth documents.

When introduction of the law began, it was opposed by most organizations including pro-life groups, adoption advocates, and pro-abortion groups, according to Washington Times. This is ironic since so many have benefited from the passage of the law. The concern by most of these groups in 2005 was that more abortions would happen in place of adoptions because of birth mothers’ desires to remain anonymous. However, abortions continue to decline.

Of the 1,700 adult adoptees who have received their original birth records, only 13 birth parents have refused contact. The law is set up so that adult adoptees may not only receive their birth certificates, but also any contact preference or medical history forms filled out by the birth parents.

More information about the 10th anniversary of New Hampshire’s Open Records Law may be read here.