Couples who have fostered and adopted children share the realities of what they do. It’s not easy, fostering children in need, helping with reunification, adopting children who have been traumatized.

Some advice offered by these couples includes being sure of who you are and your desire to help, and making sure that your marriage is strong and firm and ready to withstand the difficulties of foster parenting and adopting.

These couples advise us to remember that foster parenting is not about us – it’s about the children. There are emotions, actions, and events that will be very trying and difficult in your foster/adoption journey. But when we remember that it is about God’s children placed in our care, it becomes easier to navigate the pain and the difficulties.

The couples in this video offer a challenge: If you aren’t currently helping foster children, consider doing so now. If you’re not in a position to foster or adopt, consider bringing in meals to foster families, offering to babysit, donating new or gently used clothing or other supplies. There are numerous ways to make a difference in the lives of children in need!