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When People Ask Me Why I Search…

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People ask me why I search for you and this is what I say:

I tell them that I love you-
That you are always in my heart.
That I need to know you’re ok,
Because you’ve been a mother from the start.
Some say you aren’t my mom,
Since you gave up your rights to me.
That it wasn’t you who stayed up nights
Or who rocked my back to sleep.
I tell them they have no idea
How much love you have for me.
That it took guts to give me life-
Give me a name and then give me away.
I try to explain that motherhood
Is more than birth or day-to-day-
It’s what is in your heart.
It’s giving all you have to give
It’s not thinking of yourself
It’s making tough decisions
And doing what is best.
The woman I see everyday
And the one who went away
Both have all that in common
So I hold you both so very dear
I have two moms
And I love you both
What more is there to say?

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