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Two Mothers

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One newborn is laid in her arms; a Mother’s heart takes flight.
The other is somewhere crying deep into the night.

One has the feeling of untold joy.
The other cries for her lost baby boy.

One promises in life to keep him from all harm.
The other cries from the hurting of empty arms.

One mothers joy is now and forever on going.
The other mother’s pain inside is over flowing.

One mother takes her new baby home.
The other left in sadness to always roam.

One has all the wonders of new motherhood.
The other wishes to die from pain, if she could.

One is fulfilled with all the happiness in life.
The other’s heart bleeds, as if cut by a knife.

One remembers when he was placed in her arms to lay.
The other remembers him torn from hers that very same day.

One holds his hand as he walks through life guiding him.
The other stumbles through because of the loss of him.

One watches him grow into a fine young man.
The other would give up her life to just touch his hand.

One can’t wait until a grandchild is born.
The other thinks of it and her soul is torn.

One has had all in this life because of the other.
The first one has never even been thought of as Mother.

One can think of adoptions as for all in it blessed.
The other one is not thought of, with all the rest.

One should think of the mother with love in their heart.
The other also, that gave so much and then did depart.

One had it all every thing of this life that could have been asked.
The other left with every lasting pain for her to try to mask.

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